The search for Lauren Spierer

A Call to Action

Following is a high school senior’s call to action as we approach two years since Lauren’s disappearance. We’ve never met her, she never met Lauren but we have no doubt her moral compass is in tact. As she writes, “Keep Lauren’s story alive.” Thank you, JB, for sharing your words with us.

As we’ve said since June 3, 2011…someone knows exactly what happened to Lauren. We again beg you to share any information you have.

With sincere appreciation,
Rob and Charlene Spierer

“For almost two years now, devastated parents, Rob and Charlene Spierer have pleaded on television, through newspaper articles, and in public announcements for any type of information regarding their daughter’s disappearance. While so little information has been revealed, the Spierers are sure of one thing; someone is responsible for the vanishing of their daughter. They won’t stop until they know who, who has so selfishly taken their daughter away from them?

The police departments, detectives, forensic analysts and loved ones are discouraged. Before them stands a case with no leads, devastated parents, and still no Lauren. So, I’m here today to suggest a new method; a new strategy for finding answers. We have to keep the movement moving. We can’t let Lauren’s case become cold. The matter must now be taken into our hands. At this point, it’s clear that there’s nothing that Lauren can do. But, she’s a victim, and victims deserve justice. If I leave here today having taught you only one thing, it’s that two years is much too long to have made such minimal progress.

I look around the room today and see the faces of my classmates, my teacher, members of my future graduating class, and most importantly, my friends. This could be anyone. This could be us. This could be me next year when I move in as a freshman. This could become you as you innocently enjoy your summer. This could be your sister, your cousin, your brother, or your friend. So let’s imagine that it is you. Imagine being taken, even killed, leaving no traces of evidence; seeing your picture on flyers and billboards titled “Missing”. Picture your parents as they hopelessly wonder what might have been. Picture your sisters, brothers, friends, and loved ones. You would want them to have answers. You would want them to find peace.

Now it’s up to us, and everyone affected to remember Lauren, to carry her legacy, to keep her in our hearts and minds until we learn the truth. We have a responsibility to find her. We owe it to ourselves, and to everyone around the world, to prove that there are consequences for all actions; consequences for withholding the truth. Whether meted out in a court of law or created by the tortuous hell of keeping a secret, the price will be paid one way or another. As we approach another anniversary of her disappearance, I ask you to think of her. Keep Lauren’s story alive. Thank you.”